The Calio Rum Gold Medal Master Plan Story

Back in 2019, we conceived a master plan. The American Distilling Institute (ADI) Convention was coming to New Orleans in April, 2020. ADI also holds a yearly spirits competition; this competition is one of the most prestigious competitions for craft spirits.
The plan was simple. We’d enter a spirit, win a gold medal, and walk off the stage with a victory for the home team! Of course, the persnickety judges would have a say, so perhaps it wasn’t quite that simple.

Nonetheless, we forged ahead and selected our horse for this race: Calio Rum. Calio is pot distilled from Louisiana molasses which comes to us from a nearby sugar mill. It has a rich molasses flavor and no sugar is added, either during fermentation or to the finished rum.
We sent the bottles to the competition and waited for the results, which were scheduled to be announced in April, 2020.


Then came Certain Events in March 2020 and all previous plans were null and void. The convention was cancelled. Sadly, that announcement from the stage wouldn’t take place. In fact, we were so distracted with the tumult of events that we barely got off a tweet when the results came in.

And what were those results?

They were even better than we’d hoped for. We won not only the Gold Medal, but also the 2020 Best of Category for Pot Still Rum. Against a field of around 20 pot still rums from around the country, Calio Rum was the top pick!

Of course it’s always our top pick for drinking rum, mixing cocktails with rum, and all other rum-related activities. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our favorite Calio cocktail, the No Sugar Daiquiri. Combine equal parts Calio and lime juice, shake in a tin with ice, and serve on the rocks. A bracing and refreshing drink for the hot days of summer.

No matter how you slice it, Calio Rum is an incredible pot still rum. If you love the rich flavor of molasses, Calio Rum will satisfy.

While the full story of our big win was delayed, Calio Rum is still just as delicious.

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Atelier Vie on WGSO 990AM Dine Wine & Spirits Show with Tim McNally

We had a great conversation with Tim McNally on WGSO 990AM and discussed our new Bottled in Bond release of Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey; and also talked about our new three year release of Louisiana Single Malt.

In fact, we managed to talk about the whiskies and related topics for the entire one hour show!

Conversation begins around the 6 minute mark.

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A Significant Pair of Exquisite Whiskey Releases from Atelier Vie: Bonded Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey and 3 Year Louisiana Single Malt

January 23, 2022—New Orleans.

Atelier Vie starts the new year with a significant pair of new whiskey releases: Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey, Bottled in Bond, and aged over four (4) years; and a triple-barreled release of Louisiana Single Malt aged over three (3) years.

Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey, Bottled in Bond

Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey, Bottled in Bond

Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey Bottled In Bond
To qualify as Bottled in Bond, the spirit must distilled and bottled at the same distillery; and be aged a minimum of four years; and bottled at exactly 100 proof (50% ABV). The whiskey must also be distilled during a single distilling season, which is defined as either the first half or second half of the year.

This release of Riz was distilled in the Fall season of 2017, and was entered into a 53 gallon former bourbon barrel on October 10, 2017. After aging for over two years, a portion of the whiskey was transferred to five gallon barrels and later released after it was three years old. The remainder of the whiskey that was entered in the original barrel was entered into a 25 gallon former wheat whiskey barrel on December 26, 2019. The whiskey then aged in this second barrel until the barrel was emptied on January 12, 2022. Overall, the whiskey was aged for four years, three months, and two days.

This release of Riz is Atelier Vie’s second Bottled in Bond release and it is our first Bottled in Bond whiskey release. This release is also believed to the first Bottled in Bond whiskey release by a Louisiana distillery and is Atelier Vie’s oldest whiskey release to date. In 2020, Atelier Vie had the first Bottled in Bond release of any kind by a Louisiana distillery, with a Bonded expression of Euphrosine Gin #9.

Riz is handcrafted in small batches from 100% Louisiana rice in our New Orleans distillery. The production process is similar to a corn whiskey or bourbon; the rice is cooked and gelatinized; the rice then undergoes liquefaction and saccharification. After being cooled to fermentation temperature, a whiskey yeast is added and a distiller’s beer of around 8% ABV is produced by the yeast. This whiskey wash is double pot distilled; the initial stripping run produces low wines at around 60 proof (30% ABV) and then the spirit run produces new make whiskey at around 150 proof (75% ABV). This new make is gently diluted to barreling strength and entered into the barrel. In the case of this Bonded release of Riz, the original entry strength was around 114 proof. After the initial aging, the proof had risen a couple points and was around 116 proof when it was entered in the second barrel.

Riz, Bottled in Bond, is available immediately at the Atelier Vie tasting room for purchase during visits. Riz and our other spirits can also be purchased for pickup via our online store. This new Bottled in Bond release of Riz is bottled in 750ml at exactly 100 proof, and is priced at $100. This price includes all of our notoriously high sales taxes.

Louisiana Single Malt

Louisiana Single Malt

Louisiana Single Malt Three Year
Louisiana Single Malt is distilled from 100% malted barley at our New Orleans distillery. It is double pot distilled to less than 160 proof and aged in oak barrels at less then 125 proof.
After several previous releases of Louisiana Single Malt, this new release is the oldest to date and has been aged in a complex process involving multiple barrels.

After distillation in 2018, the new make Single Malt was entered into a 53 gallon former bourbon barrel for initial aging. After one year and six months, the whiskey was transferred into a number of six gallon barrels that were previously used for a different bourbon. After approximately thirteen months, the whiskey was transferred to a 25 gallon former rye whiskey barrel for approximately ten months of aging. The total aging time was three years, four months, and twenty two days.

This is our oldest release of Louisiana Single Malt to date and with the triple barrel aging process, it has gained a distinctive complexity and layering of malt, bourbon, and rye flavors.

Louisiana Single Malt is available immediately at the Atelier Vie tasting room for purchase during visits. Louisiana Single Malt and our other spirits can also be purchased for pickup via our online store. This new Louisiana Single Malt release is bottled in 750ml at 94 proof, and is priced at $75. This price includes all of our notoriously high sales taxes.

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Atelier Vie on Distillers Talk Podcast

Join in as we discuss a multitude of topics on this episode of the Distillers Talk podcast.

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Toulouse Green in Japan

Our spirits have traveled to a number of distant points around the world. We’ve had multiple visitors bring back bottles to the UK, France, Germany, Russia, and Australia.

Some people will go to great lengths to obtain our spirits and bring them to distant shores. Our man Yuri from Russia walked all the way from the French Quarter to the distillery to procure his bottles. On another occasion, a globe-trotting pair of intrepid visitors brought a bottle of Euphrosine Gin #9 to the remote beaches of the Cook Islands.

660 tg japan IMG 20200303 221514
Toulouse Green on the bar at Bar Orchard Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Chris Crowleigh.

But now, thanks to the kind efforts of our new friend Chris Crowleigh, a bottle of Toulouse Green has made its way to his “favorite bar in Tokyo,” Bar Orchard Ginza.

Chris bought this particular bottle at the beginning of March 2020. As it was purchased during Mardi Gras season, it sports some purple beads to commemorate the distinctive place of its origin. Chris reports that the owners of Bar Orchard “really enjoyed” Toulouse Green and are rationing it out to their most favored customers.

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El Jefe Has Returned: Our Latest Release of Orphan Street Brandy “El Jefe” Edition is here.

660 el jefe front and back IMG 4470
The new edition of El Jefe on the bottling line.

Orphan Street Brandy has been released in several editions, beginning in 2016. Each edition is distilled from constantly varying “orphan” lots wine and aged for a minimum of two years in previously used barrels.

The different wine varietals that are used, along with the “tails” from previous runs that are used in the spirit runs, contribute to a medley of flavors. In the barrels, these flavors mature and blend together.

While several previous editions of Orphan Street Brandy were bottled in 200ml at 80 proof, the “El Jefe” Edition comes in a full size 750ml bottle at 100 proof. Editions are limited and this newest 2021 release consists of a total of 37 bottles, with each bottle being individually hand numbered.

660 ele jefe bottle mass IMG 4469
El Jefe just after bottling and awaiting labels.

While bottles sold at the Atelier Vie tasting room normally include all of our notoriously high sales taxes, El Jefe is priced at one hundred dollars plus sales taxes, because bosses can afford to pay sales taxes.

This brandy is for those who have paid the cost to be the boss.

A limited quantity of “El Jefe” is available for wholesale purchase from our Louisiana distributor, International Wine and Spirits.

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Bearded Texas Whiskey Rascals Review Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey

A couple of self-styled “magnificent bastards” or, as we might put it, irreverent Texas Whiskey Guys, recently produced a video review of our Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey. By the way, this is the second video review of one of our spirits; if you haven’t seen it already, check out Goth Girl Adrienne’s video review of Toulouse Green.

We appreciate the energy and humor that these bearded rascals bring to the tasting table and enjoyed their review. We certainly agree with their sentiment that one should “walk around the street drinking [Riz] in public, in New Orleans.” For those out of town who may not be aware, that’s perfectly legal too, as long as you decant your Riz into a plastic cup or other suitable non-glass container first.

We were also intrigued when they compared Riz to a renowned, rare, and very expensive Japanese rice whiskey. After some nosing, sipping, and comparison, the rascals remark that Riz is “way more interesting and a little more approachable.” They further opine that Riz would be “really good in a cocktail.”

We’re also in strong agreement with the latter portion of their performance, in which they provide relationship advice and criticize “college style drinking” – namely, shooting down whiskey without tasting it. Visitors to our tasting room should be aware: no college style drinking is permitted!

Many thanks also to the kind efforts of a certain Robert & Kim Gremillion, who sent the bottle of our current release of Riz to said magnificent bastards, where they reviewed it in their room full of mirrors and whiskey bottles.


There were a couple inaccurate statements in the video. We understand. Incomplete information or innocent misunderstanding can often lead to outlandish or false claims. With that said, contrary to what is stated in the video, we are not “specifically focused on distilling rice.” While distilling Riz is an important and foundational part of our distilling, we currently produce more than ten different spirits.

Also contrary to what is stated in the video, the three year old release that Whisky Tribe reviewed is hardly the first release. In fact, Riz has been in research, development, and production for ten years and Riz has been released since 2013, when the initial release came on the market as a clear (unaged) whiskey.

Since then, we have been producing and releasing Riz for a number of years and have been distilling larger quantities. As our barrel stock increases, future releases are likely to be even older and more refined.

With any whiskey, or any spirit, there are many choices that can be made throughout the diverse steps of the production process. Each step, in and of itself, may be minor. But the cumulative effect of the different steps and significant decisions that must be made can have a profound effect on the final product. The choices that can be made at any stage of the process are often a matter of opinion. But the end result is a comprehensive statement on the results of those choices. With Riz, we have been making decisions on the ideal production method for a long period of time; we believe we’re on the right path and future releases will be the proof (or not) of those convictions.

Rice is a signature crop in Louisiana and this fact was the inspiration for developing Riz. Use a regional agricultural crop and reflect the terroir of the land. We invite you to raise a glass of Riz and to celebrate our Louisiana whiskey tradition.

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Savage Summer Cocktail Capers: Louisiana Single Malt Old Fashioned & No Sugar Daiquiri

The heat is on and cocktail barbarians are on the loose. Extreme weather calls for new twists on old classics. Some spark to arouse the senses from the torrid torpor.

656 LSM Old Fashioned
First up we have a massive “crime” by a certain Mr. Z. As he put it,

“You might think this is beyond sacrilege to do this, but I made an old fashioned with your single malt. Mother of God. I used a demerara simple syrup and Transatlantic Bitters from Bittermans. It’s subtly, surprisingly, and satisfying smokey! I have no f****** clue how smokey notes are shining through, but Andrea and I really like it! Just wanted to share how I’m adjudicating and abusing your fine spirits.”

With that said, the recipe!

3-4 dashes of Bitters
0.5 oz of Demerara Simple
2 oz of Louisiana Single Malt

Garnish with an orange rind and a Bata Bing Cherry.

Next up, an in-house creation. Some people like sweet drinks but others do not. If you’re in the latter camp, the No Sugar Daiquiri is for you. If you’re a fan of simple two ingredient cocktails, this one is also for you.

656 no sugar margarita IMG 4330
Juice of 1 lime
Equal amount of Calio Rum

Serve on the rocks.

Do you have a great summertime cocktail recipe featuring our spirits? Send us your favorites and we’ll let everyone know!

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Tasting Room Re-Opens on Saturday, April 17, 2021

Our tasting room will be open again for weekend visits from 10-2 starting Saturday, April 17, 2021. Reservations are required and there will be a maximum of 6 visitors in the tasting room at any time. Please see our Visit page for full details. You can make your reservation by email.

660 IMG 3072
Good times in the Tasting Room from before the Rona Times. Looking forward to your visit.

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Recent Press Coverage for Atelier Vie in Seven Fifty Daily and Southern Living

We’ve recently received some media attention in national media outlets. We lead off this interesting article about rice whiskey in the US by Jack Robertiello in Seven Fifty Daily.

When Jedd Haas started his distillery Atelier Vie in New Orleans in the early aughts, rice whiskey wasn’t in the plan. But with other distillers already making Louisiana sugar cane rum, he wanted a way to stand out. “I had heard about various types of rice spirits made in Asia and thought, ‘Let those guys make rum; I’m going to make some rice whiskey,’” he recalls. Now, Atelier Vie’s annual release of Riz Louisiana Rice Whiskey sells out.

660 Riz solo DSC 7800

Atelier Vie also make an appearance in this roundup of Boutique Southern Distilleries You Need to Know About in Southern Living by Tamara Gane.

There is perhaps no spirit that conjures the essence of New Orleans like absinthe, so it’s fitting that it would be part of the lineup at Atelier Vie.

We couldn’t agree more, and with the restaurant and bar business beginning to open up, you can find our absinthe and other spirits at a number of fine establishments around New Orleans.

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