Toulouse Green in Japan

Our spirits have traveled to a number of distant points around the world. We’ve had multiple visitors bring back bottles to the UK, France, Germany, Russia, and Australia.

Some people will go to great lengths to obtain our spirits and bring them to distant shores. Our man Yuri from Russia walked all the way from the French Quarter to the distillery to procure his bottles. On another occasion, a globe-trotting pair of intrepid visitors brought a bottle of Euphrosine Gin #9 to the remote beaches of the Cook Islands.

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Toulouse Green on the bar at Bar Orchard Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Chris Crowleigh.

But now, thanks to the kind efforts of our new friend Chris Crowleigh, a bottle of Toulouse Green has made its way to his “favorite bar in Tokyo,” Bar Orchard Ginza.

Chris bought this particular bottle at the beginning of March 2020. As it was purchased during Mardi Gras season, it sports some purple beads to commemorate the distinctive place of its origin. Chris reports that the owners of Bar Orchard “really enjoyed” Toulouse Green and are rationing it out to their most favored customers.

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