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Mashing Louisiana Rice for RIZ

To mash the rice for RIZ, we inject steam to cook and gelatinize it. Air-powered propeller mixer for breaking up clumps of rice, aka “ricebergs.”

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RIZ Distillation Continues at Atelier Vie, New Orleans Liquor Studio

RIZ distillation continues today as we get started on another four stripping runs. Visit us for one of the few remaining bottles from our last batch!

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Toulouse Green now at Pearl Wine Company!

Toulouse Green is now available at Pearl Wine Company, 3700 Orleans Ave., New Orleans. “We are so excited to have the GREEN!” Atelier Vie spirits are also available at Dorignacs, 710 Veterans Blvd., Metairie; and many other retail outlets. See … Continue reading

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Riz Fermentations at the Liquor Studio

We’ve got a new batch of Riz underway at the distillery. A few bottles remain from our last batch; get your RIZ this weekend at our Bottle Sales Hours.

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Absinthe-Minded Days of August Have Arrived!

Toulouse Red is our “New School” American Red Absinthe. Toulouse Green is a traditional Green Absinthe. Whether you favor the old school or the new, or both, Atelier Vie has these essential supplies for hurricane season. Every weekend, throughout the … Continue reading

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