Goth Girl Reviews Toulouse Green Absinthe

It appears this entertaining video review of Toulouse Green has been lurking around for over a year before we found it through happenstance. Serendipity at work, once again. Goth Girl Adrienne, also known as LigeiaResurrected, puts Toulouse Green in her “top 5” absinthes (wowza!) although sadly not at the very top. She also mentions her perception of an “apple peel kind of aftertaste” in Toulouse Green.

Did you know that out in the “desert” of Central Washington, “tumbleweeds will set themselves on fire”? Dangerous stuff, we hereby consider ourselves warned.

Ahem. Contrary to what is stated in the video, we are located in the city of New Orleans and do not sell an Absinthe Blanche. Also, we recommend trying both Toulouse Green and Toulouse Red without using any sugar (just the water from the fountain).

It’s all good; Goth Girl Adrienne is welcome to visit for a tasting on her next pilgrimage to “the Absinthe Capital of the United States,” New Orleans.

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One Response to Goth Girl Reviews Toulouse Green Absinthe

  1. Adrienne says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    I do apologise for any slips of my memory as far as information for this great brand of absinthe is concerned. I was going off of the information offered on Maison Absinthe’s website and they may or may not have misstated certain things. And I could have sworn I saw a Blanche variety by your brand on their website with a blue label as well as the red one you referenced, but I may have been mistaken.

    I’m glad you found the review entertaining and thank you again for sharing it. My goal with these absinthe review videos is to continue busting the ghastly misconceptions surrounding this glorious drink; especially those misconceptions that continue to be spread in the United States. And thank you kindly for an invitation to your tasting room. I very much look forward to it. Perhaps I can even film inside and share that on my channel (with your permission, of course).

    Darkest blessings,

    P.S. Tumbleweeds are dangerous in central Washington. Particularly in the summertime when it’s unbearingly hot and dry. That particular summer when this video was filmed, there were many horrific fires in California, Oregon, and central Washington. The ones in central Washington tend to be caused by tumbleweeds and other dry plants.

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