Tasting Room Update, August 22, 2021
Our tasting room is open for weekend visits on both Saturday and Sunday from 10-2. At this time, all tasting room visitors will need to make a reservation in advance. We will have four time slots available per day, at 10am, 11am, 12pm, and 1pm. Please email your reservation request and we will confirm by email or text. Be sure to include your cell number in the email. You can also call or text 504-534-8590 (leave a voice message if you call, all calls to this number go to voicemail!) to request your time slot. We generally fill the time slots from 10am onwards.

We may also have limited availability during the week. Please text 504-534-8590 to inquire about weekday reservations. In general, weekday appointments will be at 10am, although this time and availability will vary according to our production schedule.

Please make your reservation at least one day in advance. While we are sometime able to accommodate same day requests, this is not guaranteed. There will be a maximum of six people per reservation time slot and all reservations will be confirmed. All visitors must be 21 or older. In accordance with current City of New Orleans regulations, you must be vaccinated to visit the distillery.

NOTE! If you use Gmail, be sure to check your spam folder. For some reason Gmail is defective and buggy and often marks legitimate email as spam or blocks email from our domain entirely. If you use Gmail and don’t include your phone number we probably won’t be successful in contacting you by email. So be sure to include your phone number!

You can also purchase for pickup during our weekend hours or at other times through our online store. Please see this link for details or visit to place your order and complete the transaction online. Be sure to include your email address and phone number so we can contact you to confirm your pickup time.

Spirits Available:
Calio Rum, 90 proof, 750ml, $35.
Calio Rum, 90 proof, 200ml, $10.
Barrel Aged Calio Rum, 90 proof, 750ml, $45.
Crosstown Traffic,
84 proof, 750ml, $50.
Euphrosine Gin #9, 90 proof, 750ml, $30.
Euphrosine Gin #9 Barrel-Finished Reserve, 90 proof, 750ml, $40.
Euphrosine Gin #9 Bottled In Bond, 100 proof, 750ml, $65.
Toulouse Red, 136 proof red absinthe, 750ml, $60.
Toulouse Green, 136 proof green absinthe, 750ml, $60.
Orphan Street Brandy, 80 proof, 200ml, $20. (SOLD OUT!)
Orphan Street Brandy, “El Jefe” Edition,
 100 proof, 750ml, $100 + sales tax.**
El Jefe is back! (08/06/2021)
Louisiana Single Malt
, 750ml, 94 proof, $75.
Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey, 750ml, 90 proof, $75.
Orphan Street Bourbon, 750ml, 90 proof, $30. 
Buck 25 Vodka, “Professional Infusion Grade,” 125 proof, 750ml, $20.
Atelier Vie T-Shirt. Sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL are available, $20.
Hand Sanitizer, 80% ABV, 750ml, $15 per bottle, $150 per case of 12.

**Except as noted above, all of our notoriously high sales taxes are included in these prices. Sales tax is added to the price of “El Jefe” because bosses can afford to pay sales tax.

Orders completed on our site are generally available for pickup the following morning between 9am and 10am, or by appointment. Please email us to set up an appointment. We will bring your order to you in the parking lot.

Visit us every weekend from 10-2 for our Bottle Sales Hours. Please email your reservation request. Please note that visits to pick up online purchases are by appointment only.

Important: See detailed maps and directions below. Do not trust GPS! Upon arrival, you will need to use the call box at the door for entry. Dial 111 from the call box and push on the door to open it when you hear the entry tone.

If you must use GPS or a mapping program, search for 3928 Euphrosine St. Using this address, you will wind up at the gate to the loading area. (Do not enter here, even if the gate is open.) From the gate, proceed around the corner to the door facing Broad Street.

3928 Euphrosine Street. The gated area at the back of the building. Proceed in the direction of the red arrow and go around the corner.

Front Entrance. Dial 111 from the call box at the end of the red arrow. (Scroll down for maps.)

Parking: Free parking underneath the Broad St. overpass.

Hours: 10am to 2pm, Saturday and Sunday, by reservation onlyPlease email your reservation request. You can also purchase for pickup from through our online store. Pickup between 9-10 am the following day or by appointment. Same-day pickup may be available, depending on our production schedule.

We offer tastes of our products to visitors at no charge, however you must make a reservation in advance. Please email your reservation request.

Shipping Spirits
We cannot ship our spirits for you, however, we have some 12-pack wine shipper boxes on hand so that you can ship them yourself or check them on your flight. FREE with purchase of 6 or more 750ml bottles.

No barrels are available at this time. We’ll update this section when more barrels are available.

Payment Details: We accept cash, local checks, and credit cards.

Due to regulations of the LA ATC, all sales at the distillery are for your personal consumption only. No sales at the distillery to licensed retail outlets.* All persons are limited to the purchase of a maximum of 12 bottles every 30 days. We may request your driver’s license to verify you are of legal age. All visitors must be 21 years of age or older.

*Retail Accounts: contact our Louisiana distributor, International Wine & Spirits, 504-736-9577. New Orleans retail accounts can also purchase through City Wholesale Liquor. For other states, see our Where to Buy page.

All Roads Lead to Atelier Vie! Now the really fun part. Our address is 1001 S. Broad St. This is underneath the Broad St. overpass in the Art Egg building at the intersection of Broad St. and Euphrosine St.  If you haven’t been here before, it can be an adventure. Please see detailed maps and directions below. Don’t enter 1001 S. Broad in a mapping program. You will wind up on the overpass and you will be sad. Use 3928 Euphrosine St. as your mapping address per the photos above. (Scroll up.)

routes to distillery

RED: take Jeff Davis towards uptown. Cross the I-10 overpass, then take a left at Euphrosine St. Come down Euphrosine St. until you’re underneath the Broad St. overpass. Look for “Art Egg” sign and park underneath the overpass.

BLUE: take Broad St. towards uptown. After crossing the I-10, take the Earhart off-ramp, then turn right on S. Dupre, and then a right on Euphrosine St. Come down Euphrosine St. until you’re underneath the Broad St. overpass. Look for “Art Egg” sign and park underneath the overpass.

GREEN: Take Airline, and follow the Airline ramp for I-10. You’ll almost immediately get off at the Howard Ave. exit. Take Howard Ave to Broad, turn right on Broad and come down 1 block to Euphrosine St. Look for “Art Egg” sign and park underneath the overpass.

We’re in the Art Egg building at the intersection of Broad St. and Euphrosine St. Enter on Broad St. side.

Additional Route, via Washington Ave. and S. Broad St.

Take Washington to Broad St. Turn right on Broad (Cajun Seafood) and go around the pump station. Take the right turnoff, don’t get on the overpass. Take the turnoff onto Earhart, you will pass Restaurant Depot and take a right on S. Dupre, then another right on Euphrosine. Take Euphrosine towards downtown, park under the Broad overpass. 1001 S. Broad, Art Egg building.

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