Atelier Vie in The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey-focused site The Whiskey Wash takes on Rice Whiskey in a new article. Of course, no such article would be complete without a discussion of the original Louisiana Rice Whiskey: Riz.

660 riz barrel IMG 0852

“At Atelier Vie, the impetus for trying a rice whiskey was geographic: Louisiana is a major producer of the grain. When owner and distiller Jedd Haas started looking into the question of whether other American distillers were making spirits from rice, he found that the existing products seemed to all be made with an Asian-style fermentation (more on that in a minute). “So my thought,” he says, “was to take Louisiana rice—which I get from a place called Falcon Rice Mill in Crowley—distill it whiskey-style, and make some whiskey out of it.””

We first released Riz in 2013, and more Riz is on the way. This time, it’s all in the barrel; we’ll let you know when it’s ready! For now, check out the article for some further insight on our rice whiskey process.

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  1. deVra padron says:

    sounds great. We know it will be a long and loving process in that ole oak (?) barrel right? But the longer the better in there. YUM YUM when its done.

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