Update: Purchasing information.

Contact us by email.
Please note. If you use Gmail for any portion of your email service, it’s highly possible that our email to you will arrive in your spam folder. Check your spam folder frequently and complain to the Google Borg about their defective and buggy product.

Contact us by telephone, 504-534-8590.
You can also send us text messages at this number. All calls to this number go to voicemail, so please be sure to leave a message explaining the reason for your call. Messages to this number are only checked occasionally, so if your inquiry is urgent, contact us by email.

Chat with us on Twitter.

Get visual with us on Instagram.

Let’s be friends on Facebook.*

*Facebook messages are not checked frequently. If you want a response to your message, contact us by email, phone, Instagram DM, or Twitter DM.

We’re open on the weekends for bottle purchases. Want to purchase a bottle outside of our weekend Bottle Sales Hours? You can make an appointment for bottle purchasing.

Mailing address: 1001 S. Broad St., New Orleans, LA 70125.

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