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The New Orleans Times-Picayune breaks the news

Atelier Vie plans absinthe distillery in Mid-City.

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Les moyens de production d’absinthe sont pleines de la paperasserie

Les moyens de production d’absinthe sont pleines de la paperasserie. The ways of absinthe production are fraught with red tape.

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The Blank Slate Fisheye View

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Henri and the Supermodel

I just broke a nail typing this story and it was all the fault of the Supermodel. I was downtown, riding my Vespa, when who should I see but Henri. There he was, standing on the sidewalk, gaping at a … Continue reading

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Henri assailed by the Cell Phone

Skylark and Currency of Tears were out late carousing one night at one of the hundreds of Irish pubs in the area. “Look, the streetcar” shouted Skylark, as he fumbled in his pocket for five quarters. “Damn, not enough, brah. … Continue reading

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