An Exquisite Rum Release From Atelier Vie: Calio Rum Cask Strength, 5 Years, Single Barrel

March 11, 2024—New Orleans. Atelier Vie announces a flagship rum expression with the release of Calio Rum Cask Strength. This rum has been aged a minimum of five years and was aged in a single barrel. Further, the rum is bottled exactly as it came out of the barrel, without any dilution, hence the designation cask strength.

Making Calio Rum
Calio Rum is distilled from Louisiana molasses which we source from a sugar mill about 80 miles from the distillery. We ferment the molasses for one to two weeks; this extended fermentation time develops additional flavor.

We also use “dunder” to enhance the flavor of our fermentations. Dunder is the liquid remaining in the still after the initial distillation, or stripping run. The dunder has tremendous flavor and also adds acidity to the fermentation, which creates an optimum environment for the yeast.

After the yeast have consumed the sugar in the molasses wash, the wash has about 9% alcohol by volume. We charge the still with the rum wash and distill the low wines in a stripping run.

After collecting low wines, we charge the still with low wines and tails. The tails come from the final portion of the pot still run; there is still plenty of alcohol in the tails, but the flavor is bitter and earthy. Adding the tails back into the next spirit run adds additional flavor and complexity to the new make rum. This second distillation is called the spirit run and produces new make rum at around 150 proof.

Next, this new make rum is diluted to barreling strength, which can vary; a lower entry proof can often produce more interesting and complex flavors. In the case of this cask strength release, the spirit was entered at 107.86 proof and came out of the barrel at 112.36 proof.

The rum was entered into a former bourbon barrel on January 1, 2019, and withdrawn from the barrel on January 29, 2024, for a total aging period of five years and 29 days.

Availaible Now

Calio Rum Cask Strength, is available immediately at the Atelier Vie tasting room for purchase during visits. Calio and our other spirits can also be purchased for pickup via our online store. This new Calio Rum Cask Strength release is bottled in 750ml at 112.36 proof, and is priced at $80. This price includes all of our notoriously high sales taxes. Calio Rum Cask Strength will also be available through our Louisiana distributor, International Wines and Spirits.

Atelier Vie’s Spirits
In addition Calio Rum Cask Strength, Atelier Vie produces an extensive line of creative spirits in New Orleans.

Atelier Vie’s distilled spirits include Calio Rum; Barrel Aged Calio Rum; Calio Rum Bottled in Bond Gin Barrel Edition; Euphrosine Gin #9; Euphrosine Gin #9 Barrel-Finished Reserve; Euphrosine Gin #9 Snowflake Edition; Euphrosine Gin #9 Bottled in Bond; Barleycorn Magic; Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey; Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey Bottled in Bond; Louisiana Single Malt; Louisiana Single Malt Cask Strength; Orphan Street Brandy “El Jefe” Edition; Gumbo Noir; Chalana; Toulouse Red, Absinthe Rouge; and Toulouse Green, Absinthe Verte, made with local wormwood.

The Company
Inspired by our renowned culinary culture, Atelier Vie creates flavorful new spirits in one of the greatest drinking cities of the world. Atelier Vie is the oldest continuously operating distillery in New Orleans and is also the oldest whiskey distillery in Louisiana. Our motto: “Liquor is art you can drink.” Atelier Vie was founded in 2011 by Jedd Haas.

Visiting Hours at the Distillery
The distillery is open for tastings and discussion of the distillation process by appointment only. Appointments are generally available at 10am, noon, and 2pm on weekends. Limited availability during the week, depending on production schedule. Due to insurance requirements, there is a $30 tasting fee for the full tasting experience, which includes over one dozen spirits. Spirits are available for purchase during visits or through our online store for pickup at the distillery. Visitors should see the company web site for directions, store link, and additional details.

Jedd Haas
504-534-8590 (distillery line, leave message or text)
Social media: @ateliervie


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