New Wormwood Garden & Bottle Sales Hours

Visit this weekend and next weekend for the last two weekends of Bottle Sales Hours this year!

We’ll be closed the weekends of Christmas and New Year’s.

All spirits are available, including our limited-editon Orphan Street Brandy, which has been very well-received since its recent release.

You can also visit our new Wormwood Garden alongside the distillery. A future crop destined for Toulouse Green is growing now.


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What Are You Mixing With Euphrosine?

This weekend, Joseph Donaldson and friends visited to stock up on Euphrosine Gin #9, Orphan Street Brandy, and Toulouse Red. While in the tasting room, Joseph shared this photo of one of his more recent cocktail creations.

What’s it called? We’re not sure, but it definitely includes Euphrosine.

Tell us about your favorite cocktails with our spirits and you might find them featured here as well. Cheers!

660-Joseph Donaldson-barIMG_2318.jpg
Photo courtesy of Joseph Donaldson

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Visit This Weekend to Taste and Buy Our New Orphan Street Brandy

See the Visit page for directions. Limit two per customer.


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Atelier Vie Releases First Barrel-Aged Louisiana Grape Brandy: Orphan Street Brandy

October 10, 2016 – New Orleans. Pioneering New Orleans distillery Atelier Vie has released a two year old experiment: Orphan Street Brandy, the first barrel-aged Louisiana grape brandy since at least the days of Prohibition.

“Orphan Street Brandy is the result of an experiment that began over two years ago, when we acquired an ‘orphan’ lot of wine,” Jedd Haas, President of Atelier Vie explained. “We distilled the wine; the results were interesting, but it was obvious that the distillate needed to go into a barrel for years of aging to reach its full potential,” Haas continued.
So into the barrel it went. A small barrel that had previously been used for three different types of whiskey in succession. The barrel had acquired a patina of different flavors, which only added to the complexity and depth of flavor in the brandy over the years.

By Federal law, brandy distilled from grapes must be aged at least two years in oak barrels in order to be legally called “brandy.” Any less than that and it must be called “immature brandy.”

“Who wants to drink immature brandy?” Haas asked. “After two years in this small barrel, the brandy acquired a wonderful aroma and intense flavors. Following some sensory evaluation just past the two year mark, it was clearly time to bottle it,” Haas added.


You might wonder about the name of this spirit; but there is an explanation stemming from local geography. Scattered throughout the city of New Orleans, one finds a number of curiously short streets. Church St. in the Central Business District. Architect St. in the Bywater. Madison St., Wilkinson Row, and Clinton St., all in the French Quarter. These orphan streets seem almost like accidents, remnants out of place within the overall grid.

Likewise, a remnant lot of wine came our way. These orphan bottles were put to good use and distilled into brandy. Orphan Street Brandy reflects this heritage; one of accidental journeys, leftover scraps of geography, and fortuitous crossings. The label contains references to this origin, with typography and design inspired by the street signs of the French Quarter, antique iron work, and the symbol of New Orleans, the fleur-de-lis.

Orphan Street Brandy is bottled at 80 proof (40% Alc./Vol.) in 200ml flasks. Available only at the distillery, the flasks sell for $20 each. Quantities are limited.

Visiting Hours at the Distillery
The distillery is open for tastings and discussion of the distillation process every weekend from 10-2 on both Saturday and Sunday. There is no charge to visit the distillery and the company’s full line of spirits is available for retail purchase during these weekend hours. Visitors should see the company web site for directions and additional details,

Atelier Vie’s Spirits
In addition to Orphan Street Brandy, Atelier Vie distills Euphrosine Gin #9, a flavorful American gin; and also distills a barrel-aged version of Euphrosine, called Barrel-Finished Reserve, which is aged in American whiskey barrels. The Atelier Vie line-up also includes Toulouse Green, Absinthe Verte, a traditional-style absinthe based in part on French recipes from the 1800s and distilled with Louisiana wormwood; and Toulouse Red, Absinthe Rouge, a “new school” American absinthe colored red with hibiscus and excellent for cocktail mixing. Atelier Vie also sells Buck 25 Vodka; an overproof cane vodka designed for creative mixologists to craft their own spirits flavors through rapid infusion.

The Company
Inspired by our renowned culinary culture, Atelier Vie creates flavorful new spirits in one of the greatest drinking cities of the world. “Liquor is art you can drink.” Atelier Vie was founded in 2011 by Jedd Haas.

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Something Tasty-Looking in That Barrel

Now that looks tasty!
What could it be?
Announcement coming soon.
But visit this weekend to be a pioneer.


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A Dusty Old Barrel

Hmm, I wonder what’s in this old thing.

Visit this weekend to find out more!


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Playboy Takes Note Of Our Distinctive Spirits

“The best part of exploring is getting to taste the weird stuff.”

So proclaims Playboy writer Jason Horn, in his 50-state roundup of The Strangest Spirits Made in Every State.

Horn recognizes Toulouse Red as the “obvious choice” to “fit the tastes…of New Orleans.”

We couldn’t agree more. Come by this weekend to get a bottle and find out for yourself!


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Line By Line – Edible New Orleans Examines the Spirits Label Approval Process with Atelier Vie

You wander through the liquor store, idly glancing at the labels on the multitude of bottles. While searching out your selection, did you ever wonder what’s involved in creating these labels? While the design process for a liquor package can be a long and winding road, some of the final steps can be the most difficult.

Specifically, every spirits label must be approved by the Federal government’s Advertising, Labeling and Formulation Division (ALFD) of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). The end result is a COLA. No, not the kind you drink; that’s a Certificate of Label Approval. Wow. That’s a whole lot of bureaucracy in those names alone.

While meeting with spirits writer Allison Alsup on another matter, the topic of spirits labels came up and I mentioned a few of the requirements. Intrigued, Allison proposed a story exploring the sometimes-maddening minutiae of the spirits label approval process.

“…while slapping on a label might seem like a simple enough aff air, getting a prospective label through the ALFD’s plethora of requirements often takes months, multiple edits and re-do’s. At least that was the experience of Jedd Haas, founder and one-man operator of the New Orleans craft distillery Atelier Vie.”

Look on pages 21-22 of the Summer 2016 issue of Edible New Orleans, or read the full article online.

660-Edible New Orleans Summer 2016-22.jpg

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California Visitors Get Into the Spirit

When in New Orleans, put on your mask. Or so it went with some of this lively group from California that visited this past Saturday. Our visitors enjoyed our free tour and tasting, and left with some bottles for their ongoing cocktail experiments back in the Golden State.


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NOLA Drinks Visits Atelier Vie for a Distillation Run

We enjoyed a visit from Bryan Dias and his wife Sylvia this past weekend. Bryan, representing NOLA Drinks, took a deep dive into the production process at Atelier Vie and explored the taste panorama of our spirits in his Visit to Atelier Vie’s NOLA Distillery.

We tasted the two current versions of the gin – ‘Euphrosine Gin #9’ – both the regular and the barrel-finished reserve. Both were very nice. Neither had a preponderance of juniper and were just well-crafted, enjoyable, and approachable gins. The barrel-finished was very nice, golden in color deriving from the finishing in American Bourbon barrels, and rounded. It was very nice for ‘sipping,’ as Jedd put it.”

Taking measurements and readings of the Euphrosine Gin.
Photograph by Bryan Dias, NOLADrinks

Read the full article at NOLA Drinks and come visit us during the weekend to taste for yourself.

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