What the Euphrosine!

A trio of visitors this weekend had a story that was so delicious we had to share it.

A post-Katrina move to Mid-City resulted in an off-hand remark from a relative. “Oh, I know where that is, it’s near Euphrosine Street!” The street name struck a chord, and over time, it became somewhat of a catchphrase.

Did you make the groceries today? No? What the Euphrosine!

As a euphemism, it worked so well that it was used in many different forms and variations. So imagine the excitement that ensued when Debbie spotted a bottle bearing this favorite word at her workplace. We’ve got to check this out, they said; and indeed they did, coming around to the Liquor Studio at the intersection of Euphrosine and Broad Street.

We enjoyed a great visit with Debbie, JoAnn, and Laura and look forward to seeing them again. What the Euphrosine!


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