There’s Something Rather Flirtatious About Euphrosine

With stiff upper lip, wine and spirits site Vinepair notes that “contrary to what James Bond thinks, a true martini is made with gin.”

Surveying the “9 best gins to use in a martini,” Vinepair includes Euphrosine in this list and remarks positively on the “floral notes” and hints of “hibiscus, berries, and sweet iced tea.”

Vinepair notes that while Euphrosine may not be traditional, given the creative mix of flavors we’ve put together, “there’s enough palatable sweetness to make Euphrosine #9 a happy martini gin.”

As if reading our mind, Vinepair writer Aliza Kellerman keys in on an aspect of Euphrosine we’ve often mentioned; and even cite as a major factor in creating it. Many people have had a bad experience with gin, and shy away from it. Euphrosine, we’ve often said, is the gin for people who don’t like gin; as well as for those who do. This intriguing duality is touched on in the introduction to the article, where Aliza notes that “funky” gins sometimes “function as ‘gateway’ gins, converting juniper haters into gin sippers.”

From New Orleans, the city that looms large in any reckoning of “funky,” we couldn’t have said it better.
Photo credit: JR Thomason

Euphrosine Season blogging to resume shortly!

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One Response to There’s Something Rather Flirtatious About Euphrosine

  1. Randy Vaeth says:

    Just tried my first Euphrosine martini. Outstanding! This is definitely a gin for gin lovers.

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