The Angel’s Share

When spirits are entered into barrels for aging, a portion of the precious liquid is lost over time. These lost spirits are called the angel’s share. Legend has it that the term originates with ancient monks in Scotland and Ireland.

The monks would distill the “water of life” and store it in barrels. Over time, they noticed that some of the spirit disappeared. Their explanation was that angels were so tempted by the slumbering whiskey that they made off with a surreptitious swallow under cover of night.

While the alleged guilt of said angels has yet to be conclusively established, we can attest that liquid does disappear from the barrels through evaporation over time. Regardless of the reasons for the disappearance of the spirit, the term remains in common use.

That brings us to why this story accompanies this picture of two cheerful visitors who came to the distillery recently. Greg (on the right) and Angel (on the left) are smiling, among other reasons, due to the delights contained in the rather large box shown with them.

At the conclusion of their lively discussion over which bottles to select, Angel remarked that half of the box was “Angel’s share.” Indeed! Fortunately, the sealed bottles prevent any interloping angels from making off with even a single drop.

Would you like to visit the distillery, make some memories, and leave with your own precious cargo of amazing spirits? Just call or text the distillery line at 504-534-8590 to inquire and make your reservation. All calls to this number go to voicemail, so please leave a message if you call. You can also purchase bottles via our online store for pickup at the distillery.

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