Introducing Calio Rum Bottled in Bond, Gin Barrel Edition

May 25, 2022 – New Orleans. Atelier Vie is pleased to introduce a special release of Calio Rum. This release has been aged over four years in a single barrel which was formerly used to age both whiskey and gin; and is Bottled in Bond.

Calio Rum Bottled In Bond Gin Barrel Edition

At Atelier Vie, we experiment frequently. Sometimes we have an end goal in mind; other times we suspend disbelief and simply roll the dice. Some experiments work, while others never see the light of day. Sometimes we almost forget about long term experiments as they languish in barrels for years.

This time around, we’re releasing an experimental rum from a unique single barrel.
Back in 2018, as we were developing Calio Rum, we fermented some batches with a whiskey yeast. For those who may not be aware, yeast selection can have a tremendous influence on flavor. While we eventually selected a rum yeast for our ongoing rum production, we barreled the distillate made with the whiskey yeast and let it age. But instead of aging it in just any old barrel, we put the majority of the distillate into a barrel most recently used for our Euphrosine Gin #9 Barrel-Finished Reserve and originally used for whiskey.

Then we let it ride.

The rum aged for over four years, and could therefore qualify to become a Bottled in Bond release. To qualify, the spirit must meet all of the relevant standards for the class and type of the spirit in question; it must be distilled and bottled at the same distillery; it must be a minimum of four years old; and it must be bottled at exactly 50% ABV (100 proof).

Of course, you want to know what it tastes like. A difficult question! The flavor has an unusual combination of elements. The warm smooth molasses rum taste is present, along with gin overtones and whiskey notes from both the whiskey yeast and the whiskey originally stored in the barrel. It’s a mélange of flavors, coming together to create a new combination. Visit our tasting room for a free sample.

Calio Rum Bottled in Bond, Gin Barrel Edition, is available now at the Atelier Vie tasting room. The tasting room price is $65, which includes all of our notoriously high sales taxes. The bottle size is 750ml and the strength is 50% ABV (100 proof). Bottles can also be purchased for pickup through our online store.

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