A Successful Wormwood Harvest

We recently wrapped up a series of gin runs and are looking ahead to our next absinthe runs. Wormwood is the key ingredient in absinthe and our home grown wormwood is essential for Toulouse Green, Absinthe Verte.

Anyone who cooks knows that a fresh herb has an entirely different flavor quality to one that may have been sitting on the shelf for some time. Overcoming extreme summer heat, insect attack, drought, and other perils, enough wormwood has survived and thrived to provide a bountiful harvest.

True winter weather including a hard freeze was predicted for several days, which also made this an opportune moment to harvest. The wormwood roots can survive the cold temperatures, but the leaves may be damaged in the freeze.

After harvesting and trimming off any dead leaves, we hang up the wormwood to partially dry. After drying, it’s a wonderful silvery green color.

We trim off the minor stems and leaves and discard the main stems. When production begins, the wormwood instantly turns a brilliant green when it is submerged in the spirits for infusion.

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