Big Reactions to Barleycorn Magic at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival

This past weekend, at the grand tastings at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival, we poured Louisiana Single Malt Cask Strength, Riz, Louisiana Rice Whiskey, and a surprising entrant, Barleycorn Magic.

What is it? Is it whiskey? It’s certainly the “weirdest tasting” spirit poured at the festival, as we told a number of festival visitors at our table.

Barleycorn Magic is “spirits distilled from grain with natural flavors.” The government says that whiskey is a spirit distilled from grain. But since we had “natural flavors” in the mix, it’s classified as a Distilled Spirits Specialty, rather than any form of Whiskey.

But you can taste for yourself and reach your own conclusions.

Barleycorn Magic was distilled from a medley of beers. First, we distilled several varieties of “fluffy” IPA; and then we distilled a witbier with citrus. All beers were produced by Zony Mash and we opened thousands of cans of beer to complete the distillations.

After distillation, we aged the IPA distillations in a 15 gallon barrel for 28 months (2 years, 4 months). The witbier was distilled the following year and we aged it in a 5 gallon barrel for 14 months (1 year, 2 months). After aging, we blended the two barrels and brought the spirit to a bottling strength of 84 proof.

At the Bourbon Festival, almost everyone who tasted Barleycorn Magic declared that is was one of the most interesting spirits they had tasted at the festival. Even some dedicated beer haters enjoyed it.

What does it taste like? A concentrated hops flavor with a touch of citrus; it’s a concentrated version of the individual beer components.

Barleycorn Magic is bottled in 750ml at 84 proof and is only available at our tasting room. Purchases for pickup can also be made at our online store. All visits to our tasting room are by appointment. Text 504-534-8590 to make a reservation at our tasting room.

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