How To Make Strawberry Vodka With Buck 25

Buck 25 is an overproof cane vodka for creating your flavors through infusion. One favorite recipe is our Strawberry Vodka. At 125 proof, professional-strength Buck 25 performs a full extraction of the fresh strawberry flavor in just 24 hours. The result is sweet and flavorful. Follow along as we provide a detailed pictorial version of this recipe!

1 box of strawberries (1 pound)
1 bottle of Buck 25 Vodka

Wash the strawberries, then start by cutting or twisting the top off each berry. Then quarter the berry with a paring knife.

Strawberry vodka 1 IMG 2572

Place the strawberries in a mason jar; in this example, it’s a half-gallon jar to allow plenty of room.

Strawberry vodka 2 IMG 2575

Pour in the full bottle of Buck 25 to completely cover the strawberries.

Strawberry vodka 3 IMG 2579

Let the jar sit for 24 hours. You can agitate it occasionally if you like, but it’s not strictly necessary. This photo shows the strawberries just after adding Buck 25. After 24 hours, the vodka will have turned a deep red color.

Strawberry vodka 4 IMG 2582

After infusion is complete, strain out the strawberries. At this point, you can add some additional water to bring your finished infusion down to around 80 proof. Add approximately 50% additional water by volume to bring to a more moderate drinking strength.

To wind up exactly at 80 proof, use 435 ml of water to 750 ml of Buck 25 (58% additional water by volume). Or, you can add by weight. The finished infusion will weigh about 688 grams. Add an additional 355 grams of water (52% additional water by weight) to finish at 80 proof.

This last image shows the completed infusion after the dilution water has been added.

Strawberry vodka 5 IMG 2595


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