Toulouse Red Hacks Henri

That old Henri thinks he’s slick. But I’ve got more than my binoculars to do the trick. Thanks to my woman-in-the-middle interception techniques, I captured an entertaining email exchange between Henri and his friend, the Marigny Magistrate.
They thought they were clever, to write in French, but I’ve appended the English translation at the end.

Magistrate: Que c’est curieux Henri!

Henri: Zut alors!

Le mystérieux Toulouse-Rouge erre dans la ville. Elle mystifie les païens et les charmes de la dégénérescence des sophistes, laissant des moments salubres dans son sillage.

Magistrate: Peut-etre je l’ai apercu

Henri: Toulouse-Rouge est partout

Magistrate: Et il semble qu’elle est beaucoup recherchee’.

Henri: Tout à fait, c’est le plan. Ambassadeurs de la marque nécessaire, avec les actrices sensuelle pour dépeindre l’esprit et par personne de Toulouse-Rouge.

Magistrate: On dirait qu’elle a beaucoup en commune avec l’esprit de carnival aussi.

Henri: En effet, Toulouse-Rouge est un véritable carnaval à elle-même.

English translation:

Magistrate: That’s curious, Henri!

Henri: Damn then!

That mysterious Toulouse Red wanders through the city. She mystifies the heathens and charms the degenerate sophists, leaving salubrious moments in her wake.

Magistrate: Maybe I saw her.

Henri: Toulouse Red is everywhere.

Magistrate: And it seems she is sought so much.

Henri: Very much so, that is the plan. Brand Ambassadors needed, along with sultry actresses to portray the spirit and person of Toulouse Red.

Magistrate: She seems to have much in common with the spirit of carnival as well.

Henri: In effect, Toulouse Red is a veritable carnival unto herself.

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