Superstar Whiskies That Give Us All A Reason To Live: Louisiana Single Malt in Jim Murray’s 2024 Whisky Bible

We were pleased and perhaps a bit astounded to learn that Louisiana Single Malt was included in Jim Murray’s 2024 Whisky Bible, said to be “the most comprehensive, internationally influential and thoroughly researched guide to all the world’s whiskies.”

Thanks to the good offices of our friend Amzie Wenning, a bottle of Louisiana Single Malt found its way to Jim Murray while he was on his annual summer whiskey sojourn in Kentucky.

Murray, who describes himself as “the world’s most renowned independent whisky expert,” awarded Louisiana Single Malt a rating of 94.5 out of a possible 100 points.

Murray’s scoring scale from 1-100 includes ten different categories within that range. From 98-100 is “Better than anything I’ve ever tasted.” While we didn’t fall into this superlative category, we did fit into the next slot of 94-97, which is described as “superstar whiskies that give us all a reason to live.”

Murray divides his overall score into four categories: Nose, Taste, Finish, and Balance, with each category accounting for up to 25 points. The score for Louisiana Single Malt broke down as follows. Nose, Taste, and Finish were each awarded 23.5 points, while Balance was out in front with 24 points.

Perhaps this high mark for Balance is fitting as we often think about our spirits in terms of defining and finding a balance. One of our chief concerns is a balance of flavors and how to create a pleasing and interesting combination thereof.

In his commentary on Balance, Murray says that Louisiana Single Malt is “a bewilderingly beautiful malt whisky, the particular style of which I have never before enountered from an American distillery. The smoke in this is just so understated yet effective, one cannot but simply admire and enjoy for all it is worth.” Murray adds that he finds this result “astonishing. Singularly the most Scottish style of single malt currently produced in the USA.”

While Murray’s comments are pleasing, we do have to enjoy a chuckle about Louisiana Single Malt being “the most Scottish.” While we are great admirers of single malt Scotch, our goal was to produce our own concept of single malt, one informed by the appreciation for combinations of flavors which are so celebrated here in New Orleans.

Our mash bill of 100% malted barley includes malts that are sweet, savory, smoky, and peaty to create our idea of sensory harmony. Like so many things in New Orleans, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Note. Jim Murray reviewed our 2 year expression of Louisiana Single Malt. Our standard expression of Louisiana Single Malt is currently released as a 3 year old whiskey. We also have a 5 year single barrel cask strength edition of Louisiana Single Malt and several other whiskies.

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