Press Doubleheader on – SB 64

Our press hits runneth over with two mentions this weekend; the second coming in this article on SB 64.

Regarding Senate Bill 64, which “provides for issuance of certain retail permits,” I encourage everyone to read the exact text of the old law and new law. Attentive readers will note some surprising provisions in the “struck out” portion of LA RS 26, 85.1. The old law only allowed one distillery, ever, to sell onsite. The new law levels the playing field.

Beginning this August 1st, SB 64 allows distilleries to obtain a Class A permit (bar, restaurant) or a Class B permit (package store), or even both permits. For now, we will apply for the Class B permit to allow on-site sales of sealed bottles.

The “Wall of Fame” – our collection of permits. We’re looking to find a spot for our class B permit soon.


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