Is it Snowing?

At the distillery, a special batch of snowflakes has landed. Euphrosine Gin #9 Snowflake Edition was distilled nearly a decade ago. We initially aged the spirit in a 15 gallon oak barrel for 13 months. However, the results were incomplete. We moved the spirit to a stainless tank and let it rest for some six years. Along the way, we loaned this particular 15 gallon barrel to a local brewery, where it was seasoned with a variety of beers. After the brewery sessions, we reclaimed the barrel.

Then, turning to the distillate which had been slumbering for all this time, we reduced the proof and re-entered the spirit in this same 15 gallon barrel, where we aged it for another two years. Now the snowflake has finally landed, and at cask strength to boot.

The final yield was only 55 bottles, bottled at 51.51% ABV (103.02 proof). These bottles are only available at our tasting room and will be available for purchase this weekend. Text us at 504-534-8590 to make a tasting room reservation; or see for all details on visiting our tasting room and purchasing bottles.

Snowflakes come and they go. For the month of December, we’re offering this Snowflake Edition at an introductory price of just $50, which includes all of our notoriously high sales tax. Get yours before they melt into history.

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